Forensic Data Recovery
Accountability, Traceability, Reliability, Integrity
We provide Data recovery and Traceability for data recovery and accountability
We are able to trace OS bread crumb trails to identify time and date of malicious events
and also who the logged in users were when those malicious events were initiated.
Thereby providing accountability and traceability to the body of are forensic work

Storage Devices
(Mechanical Drives - SSD Drives - Thumb Drives -  Flash Drives)
All Storage devices have IEEE standards that they adhere to, thereby allowing there integration  into modern
computer systems. We have an in depth knowledge to the operations of the storage devices
and the standards used. We can provide expert testimony for are clients  with respect to those
storage devices (aka Hard-Drive) and the  integrity,  reliability and   failure mechanism
(Mechanical or human)of them. We then are able  to follow the OS (Operating System) breadcrumb trails that
the OS provides for identifying the time and date as well the active user of the system.  The OS tags events
such as a file deletion, change , or modification. So even if a file is unable to be recovered we may
very well identify the human involvement  in that files removal.

Data Recovery and Imaging

We break down Data Recovery into four categorizes  level 1,2,3,4

LEVEL 1 -------------------------- Recovery of lost    or deleted file
Misplaced, Misnamed, Mismapped or deleted file 
LEVEL 2 ---------Recovery of files by Scrubbing the raw file data.
 Directory area of drive is destroyed and no directory meta data is available
LEVEL 3 - --------------------------------Drive PCB has failed.       
Replace or Repair Hard-drive PCB

LEVEL 4 --------------------------------- Internal  mechanical repair
Requires Clean Room facility for Data recovery

Memorytime - RAM Sales

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All Ram is Major on Major or Major on 3rd - NO 2nds No OEM
Lifetime Warranty - we have more stock than anyone in Portland and
we target are prices to be within $3 of Crucial  -  thereby saving you a shipping charge with local pickup

Embedded Linux Systems

Embedded Linux Systems
Memorytime has designed SBC (Single Board Computer Systems) and can assit you with
your computer based design project We can do PCB Design Services & PCB assembly services as well
specializing in prorotype and debug in the design stage
PXE (PiXiE) & WIM (Windows Imaging)
PXE Stands for Pre-execution enviroment. PXE is used for network booting of system and  allows
a system to be recovered using a process reffered to as  BARE-METAL-RECOVERY.
Memorytime has written a number of PXE menu scripts and can help you
cusotmize your own network booting enviroments using ISO & WIM images
JTAG Android Phones & Tablets
Samsung Galaxy Phones, HTC Phones, & majority of Android systems
maybe rooted at various levels. Memorytime can jail break or root phones and we are able to use JTAG
to UN-Brick phones that have failed in the 1st stage boot process

LED Mobile Signage

LED Mobile Signage
We are a leader in Mobile Signage
Products include a Brief case LED Sign, A-Frame LED sign and a Car Mounted Led Sign

LED Lighting Technology

LED Lighting Technology
Close-Promity-Lighting (CPL)
We can provide review LED lighting  solution  for rmost effective use for your application
Current designs involve  CLOSE PROXIMTY LIGHTING modules for use in early plant growth stages
Our Close-Proximity-Lighting insures the best spectral balance for early stage plant growth
which is different than later/bloom/flower stage of plant growth. 
The wattage value of the CPL module is designed to optimize the lighiing intensity - heat - wattage profile 
that is ideal for a home (enclosed enviroment).  Wattage sysyetm in excess of 150 watts generate too much heat
and are inconvienent and impratical for a home enviromment or closed system

Cloud Services

We provide Web services for Data collection, Recording & Reporting Services
HOA, Project Managers,  TV, Radio & Political Surveys can be crafted/deisgned

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