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DDR3   New June pricing

Pc3-DDR3 Desktop All
Pc3-DDR3 Laptop All

Pc3-DDR3 Server & Workstation
See Servers for Ecc or Reg/Ecc

Pc2-DDR2 Desktop All
Pc2-DDR2 Laptop All
Pc2-DDR2 Fully Buff for PC
Pc2-DDR2 Fully Buff for MAC

Pc2-DDR2 Server/Workstation
See Servers for Ecc or Reg/Ecc
Pc-DDR Desktop All

Pc-DDR Laptop All
Pc-DDR Server/Workstation

See Servers for Ecc or Reg/Ecc SDRAM
PC100 /PC133
RDRAM / Rambus
Pc800| RDIMM
Pc1066 RDIMM

72 Pin SIMM-168 Pin DIMM

Fast Page FP 30 Pin 

Memorytime, Portland & Seattle (15yrs)

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Boot Quicker - Run Faster
       240 GB S.S.D.  Hybrid  Drive  $129
Crucial 240gb Add $70 for installation

ALL types of RAM in stock!
You Need it, We have it
Portland Computer Memory Experts ! We stock All types of RAM
Older Pc133, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, Fully Buffered, ECC, Registered
Quality RAM with LifeTime Warranty & best service in Portland
RAM for PC, Mac, Laptop, Desktop, Servers & Printers

We do Desktop PC & laptop repairs including:
Laptop DC Jack repair
Laptop Power supply/Battery/Keyboards in stock
Backlight / Inverter repair
Virus removal
Optimization and Tune ups
Data transfers and back up
Data recovery
Laptop Repairs.  From hinges and keyboard repairs to complete screen replacement, backlight and DC jack repair.   In business since 1985
we do the job right.  Batteries, Fan cleaning and software repairs are also available.   We stock most laptop AC power supplies for all laptops.  Acer, Compaq, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Dell power supplies.
  Batteries and keyboards are also available. We service and upgrade Desktop, Laptop, Mac, PC, Workstations and Servers.  On site repair available

LED A-Frame Sign

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