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We use Weka based A.I.
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In the future all life memories will now be in a computer or the cloud and require a new approach to effectivly complete the closure of a loved ones lifes work.

 It also will make it impossible to discover lost or hidden assets without the right tools and technical skills
Asset Recovery / Discovery

 Forensic Study of  Samsung
7 Exploding Phone

Here is some insight for those to consider in
researching the Samsung Exploding Phones
and my look into some potential mechanism

The battery in question is a Li-Ion Battery
that in some way is Failing in a manner that
is generating an internal/external Short circuit that
then cause the battery to discharge rapidly resulting
in fire or explosion

Question I looked into 
Does battery fail as a result of Flex of phone/battery
Not likley as this failure mechanism
would be too common of event and more easily identified
as a failure mechanism. This failure mechanism
if a  common denominatior would incurr  much more frequentlly
than the nominal numbers of failed units so given MTBF probabilities I have 
diccounted this as a possibity

Does Charging Circuitry Fail 
in a normal course of operation for the same reasons above 
I have discount this as well in that the randomness of
failures and ability to indentify fault are within the skills of most professionals
and would have been resolved by those skilled professionals.

Uncontrolled Discharge of Battery
This is where I decided to place my efforts though in this same area 
I was limited to find out if the exploding phone fire path invoked an
indication that an external discharge fire/heat  path was  indicated in the carcass of the 
phones in question.    So I have povide a  scenario for each
Scenario 1: Explode battery with internal current path
Scenario 2: Explode battery with external current path

In this forensic look I decided to look into uncommon 
but supported practices associated with todays modern phones. 
here are some external enviromental influences that likely are not
part of the intensive testing now done on the phones.
Hi intensity Magnetic fields  (500 oersteds)
Wireless Charging Circuitry

1. Phones today now implemented with wireless Charging circuitry 
2. Phones today have many attachment options and
some involve High magnetic fields (500+ oersteds)  
(aka Magnetic Mounted Holders)

Does a Hi-Mag field influence the charging circuitry while unplugged
Does a Hi-Mag field influence the charging circuitry while plugged and charging
Does a Hi-Mag field influence the charging circuitry when phone is wirelessly charging
Does the wireless charging circuitry get deceived within a Hi-Mag field (static/dynamic)
Does other circuitry within the phone  get deceived within a Hi-Mag field thereby initiating a  trigger event  (static/dynamic)
Lastly what is battery effect in Hi-Mag fields (static/dynamic)

In  test I conducted I found influence of the above and I would encourage those
looking into this to consider it as a failure mechanism.  the hi number of coils inductive components within a phone and need to damp temporary magnetic fields that may come in contact with the phone via magnetic mounting
 devices, as this maybe involved as the underlying issue. 
 I believe a deeper look is warranted to insure no phantom signals are the underlying cause of the Exploding Li-Ion problem
M.J.F Oct 2016
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