GrowIt LED 1200 watts 120/240 etl
GrowIt LED 1200 watts 120/240 etl
LED Grow-It Light with Optimized Spectral content
for plant growth.  1200 watt capacity  

Veg 4.5x4.5  Flower 4.0x4.0
120/240 vac ETL Approved
Eligible for $200-$400
in Energy Rebates
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1200 Watt rated - 600 watts True RMS power 32,500 LUMENs
4.5x4.5ft veg 4.0x4.0ft Flower etl43-48en43-45
Features Benefits
Cool Lighting Minmal heat load introduced
Optimized Spectral content Highly efficent usage for plants
CLose Proximity Lighting Makes use of Reflection effecicinies