....Discovery / Recovery....

Finacial assets range
from a few hundred
dollars in lost bank
accounts to thousands
of dollars 
overlooked l
insurance policies
or stock accounts 

....A.I. Level One Search....

We use Weka based A.I.
data-mining program to
scrub  internet databases
and identify the 
breadcrumb trails that 
identify overlooked 
financial assets

......New Virtual World......

In the future all life memories will now be in a computer or the cloud and require a new approach to effectivly complete the closure of a loved ones lifes work.

 It also will make it impossible to discover lost or hidden assets without the right tools and technical skills
Asset Recovery / Discovery
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  FREE  Offer  


We provide details and a recommendation if we find more
discovery is warranted with a deeper (Level-Two-Discovery (LTD).


If we find merit in initiating  Level-Two-Discovery (LTD)
We would require and establish a relationship with the
EE, EA, ET (Estate-Executive, Administrator, Trustee).

We work on contingent fee (as many attorneys).
You incurr no charges unless we are
successful in the recovery of assets.

If after a Level-One-Discovery (LOD),  we see indicators that merit
conducting a LTD (Level-Two-Discovery). We will then inform you of  our  recommendation and after a fee agreerment we will then move forward and begin the process.

A  Level-Two-Discovery (LTD)  may take up to three months to complete.
We use expert computerized data mining systems and the slower human
element to prospect all paper trails as well.

How To Start   

 Fill out the Short-Easy Form below  and 
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You will then receive an email verification 
and seven days later our report with our findings. 

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