Hi-Intensity LED Lighting 100watts to 600
High Performance LED Grow Lights
 Run Cool - get rid of Hot Halide
Effective 100 watt to 600 watt (4200 lumen to 40000 lumen)
5x longer life with increased durability

Why LED Lighting?   
LEDs are extremely efficient, safer and cost effective. 
More Light - Less heat - Lower monthly power bill

                   INTRODUCING CPL                 
(Close Proximity Lighting)
We design Custom CPL Enviroments for your LED lighting needs
CPL allows the LED to be closer to a plant providing 2x the lighting.
Cool running LEDs will not burn plants like other HOT lighting technologies.
CPL is able to provide significant increases to the LUMENS a plant receives.
Highly Reflective environments use CPL to further enhance the Lumens a plant receives.

LED Products