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The Question is not If
But When & How you
Change over to LED

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The simplicity of LEDs - the lower operating costs, the minimal heat generated,
the overall performance, provide a compelling reason to make the change now.
If you looked at LED lights then you have seen everyone referring to the PAR rating of their LED Lights,
  frankly 6 band, 8 band, 10 band all become more of  marketing value instead of a performance merit.
  For the mass majority of growers any LED light will provide a noticeable improvement in cost & performance.
  200 watts of LED PAR energy is comparable to 400 watts of White broad spectrum HID energy

Famous Par SpectralChart
The  Simplicity of LED, the lower operating cost, the performance, and less heat provide a
compelling reasonto make the change. 
Comparison of the PAR light Show the New Cree LED are 50% more efficient than last year LED Die.
that Translates into Energy Saving or increased Crop production as many are POWER GRID LIMITED