10Hrs+ $70/hr


 Pc4-1700, Pc4-19200
DDR4 ----- Desktop
DDR4 ------  Laptop
DDR4 -Server / Ws

Ddr4  -----      Laptop
Ddr4 ---- Server / WS

Pc3-8500, 10600, 12800
DDR3 ------ Desktop
DDR3 --------Laptop

DDR3 Server / WS

Pc2-4200, 5300, 6400

DDR2 ---- Desktop All
DDR2------- Laptop All
DDR2 -- Full-Buff - PC
DDR2 Full-Buff - MAC

DDR2 ---- Server / WS

Pc-DDR Desktop All

Pc-DDR Laptop All
Pc-DDR Server/Workstation

See Servers for Ecc or Reg/Ecc

Computer Repair Services:


Technician hourly shop rate : $75/hr

In house Diagnostics charge all desktop/laptop repairs:  $49, applied towards repair.


RAM install: Free for RAM purchased from Memorytime and a technician is not required

$20 for PC install requiring technician, $40 for Mac  Laptop or Tower


On site service (5 mile radius) $125, includes 1 hour on site.  Networking services extra.   Technician hourly onsite rate after 1st 1hour:  $99/hr  (extra travel charge may be incurred depending on mileage)


On site home wireless set up:  $99 

We supply wireless router & devices $199


Virus removal: 

 Complete virus removal:  Includes OS re-install is $149

 $199 install OS and additional programs


Desktop PC Cleaning:  $49

Includes hardware cleaning, dusting, cables, fans and power supply diagnostics


PC Tune up:  $89

Software Optimization:  Reduces memory usage and frees up memory, remove unnecessary programs and dual loaded programs, clean up desktop, optimize HDD, recommend upgrades.  Can increase performance 20 – 30%.


Hard drive services:

Basic Hard Drive install & clone to HDD $99 + cost of drive

Basic Desktop PC Hard drive install & data transfer:  $75

Basic Laptop Hard drive install & data transfer:  $89   Easy access only

Advanced (HDD is not easily accessible) Laptop Hard drive install & data transfer:   $149 & up

HDD Back up to USB, CD or HDD $99 + cost of media

HDD data transfer: $75

Hard Drive erase includes delete partition, format Hard Drive, OS stays in tact $50

A data erasure using U.S Department of Defense standards. A complete D.O.D*** wipe guarantees there is no data at all on the hard Drive. Delete Partition, Format Hard Drive, Write ones and zeros to the drive 2 times.  $75

 ***As of November 2007, the United States Department of Defense considers overwriting acceptable for clearing magnetic media within the same security area/zone, but not as a sanitization method. Only degaussing or physical destruction is acceptable for the latter


OS re-install, no data to save:   $149

OS Re-Install w/ software re-install &/or data to save:  $199


Software XP Home $129  **DISK ONLY

Software XP Pro $179  **DISK ONLY


Data Recovery:  Level I:      $  99

                           Level II:   $199

                           Level III: $299


Dust out desktop computer while you wait:  $20, with RAM purchase and install $10


**Repairs are serviced on a first come, first served basis.  Please allow 72  hours before calling in to check on your repair.  24 hour rush service is available for $50, however, this does not guarantee full repair, only that it will be looked at and diagnosed within 24 hours.  Memorytime is not responsible for data loss, we advise you to backup your computer before it is serviced.  Thank you. 


Memorytime  8948 SW Barbur Blvd  Portland OR  97219   503-452-8577  www.memorytime.com


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