BitCoin Classes / Seminars
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We provide Classes and Seminars on Bitcoin / BlockChain Technology
Classes are tailored for Lawyers, CPA & Banks
BitCoin for Lawyers                      BitCoin for CPAs                         BitCoin for Bankers
History & Foundation

Decentralized, Open Source, Public Asset Ledger
Prior Art, Initializing technology
Intro to BC Technology
Central DB, Addresses & Transactions, Blockchain
Wallets, Bitcoin Vocabulary & nuances of terms.
Bitcoin Economics
Medium of Exchange Pro/Con, Store of Value Pro/Con
Investment, Deflations, Volatility, Monetary policies, Regulations
Business Uses & Applications
Money Xfer, Exchanges, Processors, Web Wallets
MultiSig Escrow Services, Mining, ATM
Bitcoin Technology
Private/Public Key, Dig Sig, RSA, Addresses
Time Stamps, Proof of work,
Blockchain,  Double Spend
 Offline Wallets, Paper Wallets, Hardware Wallets,
Web Wallets, Dark Wallets, Tumblers
Vanity Addresses, Multisig Wallets
Mining Technology CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC
Early mining, Pooled mining, Fees, Rates, Electric cost,
Alternative Coins
LiteCoin, PeerCoin,NameCoin, DogeCoin, Dark/dashcoin
Bitcoin BlockChain Contracts
Digital Assets, Smart Property, microPayment, Insert data into block chain
Enhanced Bitcoin Privacy
coinswap, stealth addresses, merge avoidance, zero coin, zero cash


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